This website brings together pictures and snippets that have been collected over the years. Not just by myself, but mainly by many other Marcos enthousiasts, who I have been in touch with.

Special thanks go to:

Per Hagermark, who runs the Historic Marcos Register from Sweden, and has been doing so for many decades. If there is one man who knows about the early days of Marcos, it is Per.

Klaus Tweddell, who introduced me to Gullwings and Fastbacks, when I had never heared of them before

John Sutton, who happily shared his experiences in the 1960’s with me and who’s workshop in Greenwich became a regular point of visit for a cup of tea. Unfortunately, he decided recently to move to Florida!

And of course all owners, drivers and other people involved with these early Marcos cars for the last 5 decades  and were so kind to share their information with me.