Car orginally owned by Gordon Jones, fitted with a Coventry Climax engine


As raced in the 1000km race by Gordon Jones and Roger Nathan at the Nurburgring 1964

1000km race nurburgring 1966 team autocadia1000km 1966, same car as 1964 1000km race 2Albert Powell Nürburgring 1966

Next owner was Albert Powell who raced it at Nürburgring in June 1966 under the ‘Autocadia team’ banner (pictures by Klaus Tweddell) by which time the colour had changed from green to red.

The car was sold to Ben Orza who crashed it at Snetterton in August 1966. Ben crashed it once again at Brands Hatch in March 1967. The bonnet from Raymond Nash´s Fastback no. 3006 eventually replaced the original “Frogeye” bonnet after the second crash.

Continued to be raced by Peter Wingfield during 1968 after Orza´s crashes. Engine later changed to a Ford 1300 cc unit and the bonnet was changed to a Fastback aerodynamic alloy bonnet.

Alan Hall raced it in HSCC events in the 80´s with a Ford 1300 cc pre-crossflow engine. The car has been recently restored again and resides already for quite a while in Japan

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Many thanks to Per Hagermark for most of the info and pictures


Visiting the car, its proud owner and fellow enthusiasts in june 2016