G128 was ordered from Marcos by Barry Filer and driven for him by Jackie Stewart in club races in the North in 1961. Jim Diggory continued racing the car in the early sixties. Jem Marsh found the car in a London Mews next to Chris Lawrence place in the early seventies. Jem restored the car in the late seventies and continued racing it to great success in HSCC races. After a number of years being unused, it was transferred to Marcos shareholder Herman Buurman in Holland when the company went into receivership in the late nineties. After being hidden from public viewing, Buurman decided to sell it at auction in 2014.

G128 unrestored 1

The ex Jackie Stewart Gullwing, awaiting restoration at the Marcos works.

Jem and Frank

Memorable reunion: Jem Marsh, Frank Costin and Gullwing

DSC00039 LR DSC00043LR

The car was fondly remembered by Jem Marsh for winning several historic championships, and Jackie Stewart, who commissioned a painting of his first ever racing car

G128 painting by Michael Turner commissioned by Jackie Stewart

The car, as sold at auction in 2014 (Silverstone Auctions). Needing recommissioning and some more serious work to turn it back to its original 1960 specification, it was sold for £41,975

Gullwing auction 2014  Gullwing auction 2014-2  Gullwing auction 2014-3

Gullwing auction 2014-4  Gullwing auction 2014-5   Gullwing auction 2014-6

Now residing in Italy, the best known Gullwing is undergoing a wel deserved restoration in 2015 to its original specification.

Nearing completion early in 2017 (pictures thanks to the Marcos Cars page on Facebook)

g128-january-2017  g128-january-2017-2

Looking great in primer (march 2017)

g128-waiting-for-paint-march-2017  g128-waiting-for-paint-march-2017-2