150 BTM


150 BTM was the first car actually sold by Marcos to a customer. John Sutton is adamant he was the first to actually place an order with Marcos, but Jem seems to have decided to grant the first delivery of 1960 to Bill Moss.

The car was originally built with cycle wings, like the prototype, but with the new Ford 105E engine. It later got a all-enveloping aluminium bonnet, designed and constructed by Frank Costin and John Sutton.

Goodwood 1960, Bill Moss-1 MR  Bill Moss, Snetterton -60-3 MR

150 BTM at Goodwood (left picture). Also note the prototype DFF529 in the background

Jack Gates Silverstone 17-6-61-1 MR

Sold to Jack Gates in 1961 (above) and then to Tommy Simpson (below).

Tommy Simpson, no 41, RAF Ouston 21-6-64 MR

The current whereabouts of this car are unknown

Thanks to Per Hagermark for sending me the pictures of 150 BTM.