Bruce Orton building his FB MR

A great picture of Bruce Orton building the Fastback which soon was to be registered 111DUT. He intended to start racing it  with a friend, but the latter pulled out of the deal. When Bruce’s girlfriend tore her stocking on the wooden chassis, the car had to go and was replaced by a more practical Mini Cooper. The car would see the track a year or two later with E.W. Cuff Miller and Derek Bell at the wheel. Bruce Orton would come back with a vengeance though, racing another fastback in historic events!

111DUT 1 MR  111DUT 2 MR

Mike Overton in ex Derek Bell FB 1971 or 1972  111DUT as found front

When last raced, the car was dubbed ‘Hot Pants’, a nickname which was put in signwriting on the bootlid! The Woodcock brothers who last used it before putting it into storage for 30 or so years, hastily painted it over when they acquired the car.

fastback 20090930 02 ?????????? 111DUT during rebuild 2009

Restoration was undertaken in the new milennium, but when the car was ready for paint, it was hit while being towed on a trailer.

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