8853JH – 80SNK

John Sutton was adamant he was the first one to actually place an order with Jem, but for some reason shifted down the waiting list. John raced it to great success in 2 episodes, being divided by a crash and a major rebuild.

Initially registered 8853JH, John competed in hillclimbs and races and clinched the Autosport Championship in 1961. After rebuilding the car, he re-registered the car 80SNK and competed in it internationally. In the 1963 500km at the Nurburgring he drove to a memorable 5th place. The car was sold to Peter Arkins in July 1965 who used it for drag racing, driven by Ken Bunnage. It found its way to the USA  and was advertised in Road & Track in 1971 by Rachael Mills in Torrance, California. Then disappeared for almost 40 years.

Snetterton 1961, 3 Hours, John Sutton-3  Bodiam Hill Climb 14-10-61 8853 JH - september 1961 - throphies

As 8853 JH: Snetterton 3 hours (1961) – Bodiam Hill Climb (1961) – With winners trophies

john_marcos Gullwing7 80 SNK - 500km -1963

80 SNK - 500km Ring 1963

At the Nurburgring in 1963



painting 80 SNK 02  painting 80 SNK

John took part in the World Cup races at Zandvoort in Holland in 1961. The following pictures were kindly supplied by Rob Petersen. The odd wooden car is attracting serious attention from young bystanders!

1961-world-cup-zandvoort-marcos-xylon-van-john-sutton   1961-world-cup-zandvoort-marcos-xylon-van-john-sutton-nr-4-en-22-evert-jan-groen-porsche-1600

John has put some wonderful footage on-line:

1961 Autosport championship final at Snetterton

1963 500km at the Nurburgring

1964 500km at the Nurburgring


Road & Track ads 1971, small

As advertised in 1971, after which the car disappeared for three decades

80 SNK 2009 08  80 SNK 2009 11 80 SNK 2009 06

As found in California by a Paul Steinbeck, who happened to be a carpenter and saw the car in his next door garden. He saved the wooden car from being scrapped without knowing its history. It is now owned again by its original owner John Sutton and restoration has started.

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