EAD33C – 3 PLY

One of the last fastbacks sold by Marcos, it was acquired from the factory by Paul Wiese and registered EAD33C

EAD 33C Paul Wiese 1965EAD 33C Paul Wiese Castle Combe 1965

Paul Wiese at Caste combe (above) in 1965

When Brian Henton crashed his ex-works fastback, he sold off the remaining parts. Paul Wiese added the low nose bonnet to his car.

In this form it got more fame among Marcos enthusiasts when it was raced by Jem Marsh, who added the fake registration number 3PLY.

3PLY MR 3PLY 2 MRjem marsh 3018

It was acquired by Klaus Tweddell from Jem, and it was campagned on a regular basis till recently. It still sports a rare Hewland 5-speed gearbox.


Paul Wiese in the very car he raced in 1965 at the Marcos 50 celebration at Prescott