Chris McLaren (gullwing)

The bright red gullwing driven by Chris McLaren was probably the most recognisable of the early cars. It is not clear who came up with the modifications, but it is clear the idea was to make it (look) more aerodymic.

Chris McLaren Gullwing

The 4-piece windscreen with 2 flat center sections was replaced by an aluminium surround with 2 curved screens. The rear wheels were partially covered with alumium panels and the frogeye like headlamps got a more aerodynamic cover.

Per Haegermark kindly provided the following pictures which seem to have been taken at Snetterton in 1963:

Snetterton 1963, Scott-Brown Trophy, Chris McLaren-4  Snetterton 1963, Chris McLaren-1

And at Silverstone (International Throphy) the same year:

Silverstone 1963, International Trophy F1, Chris McLaren-5 Silverstone 1963, International Trophy F1, Chris McLaren-4 Snetterton 1963, Scott-Brown Trophy, Chris McLaren-3

Unfortunately this remarkable car was written off in september 1963 at Crystal Palace.

C McLaren Crystal Palace 2 MR C McLaren Crystal Palace MR