759DBM – NOD1

759 DBM-7 Smoother Looker The Motor cutaway 759 DBM-8

The first Marcos Gullwings caught the attention of the public by its innovative wooden structure, more than its looks. The ‘smoother looker’ made the car look more as one piece, with the sills now fitting more flush with the bonnet and being extended as an integral part of the rear wheel arches.

The chassis remained basically the same assymetrical design as the earlier cars. It is believed 4 smoother lookers were started, but only 2 were finished. The 2 remaining chassis were used for later Luton Gullwings.

The new car even made it as a elaborate cutaway drawing in The Motor!

The first Gullwing to this new design was registered 759 DBM, and used as a demonstrator by Marcos for a while, featuring wobbly Lotus wheels on some pictures

759 DBM front 759 DBM interior 759 DBM rear


759 DBM -2

Snetterton 1961, 3 Hours, Jackie Oliver-4  Snetterton 1961, 3 Hours, Jackie Oliver-1

It was later sold and raced by Jackie Oliver (above at the Snetterton 3 hours race in 1961, still wearing the 759 DBM regitration number). The Sebring Sprite 46 BXN was owned and raced by Peter Jackson, who would race a works Marcos Fastback in the 1963 500km at the Nurburgring).

Jackie Oliver NOD 1-2 Jackie Oliver NOD 1-1 Brands Hatch 1961, Boxing Day Race, Jackie Oliver-1

Later, the car was given a fake registration NOD1



The car was unfortunately written off in a big shut at Snetterton in 1962. Jackie Oliver would continue to race another (Luton) Gullwing, appropriately given the (fake) registration NODI2