When Raymond Nash rebuilt the ex works racer 850 CAM, he sold the Fastback body to the owner of a Gullwing, called T.J. Rix.

It is not known why the body was fitted to the Gullwing chassis. Was it damaged or did the owner want to update the looks of his car?

It is believed this car survives in its Fastback form. Since 2013 great progress has been made in its restoration.

James Young restoration feb 2016

Not the inner wings which are distinctively different to the original inner wings. Raymond Nash, like many Fastback racers, modified the bonnet to have a lower front. This required the inner front wings to be modified and lowered too.

The dashboard too, seems to be uniquely curved and might be a clue to its earlier history.

The hole above the windscreen was unique to 850CAM. A rear view mirror was incorporated in a bulge on top of the roof!

Or could this after all be the same car as 189BER, the car that started as a Gullwing chassis, became the first Spyder built by Peter Adams and was eventually gained a fixed hardtop to become a fastback?

Its current chassis number is not the same as 189BER, but it might have been renumbered when it was fully converted?

Many thanks to Jim Young for providing the pictures.