Roy Morris 1970

Owned by Roy Morris in 1970, when he also owned another Fastback 111 DUT. It’s colour scheme inspired the restoration of 800GUC

It lost its typical fastback rear and acquired fat wheel arches in a rebuild and an Alfa Romeo engine was installed at some point.

The bootlid stayed with 111 DUT for a couple of decades but  in the end was reunited with 999THY.

999THY back 999THY bonnet open 999THY side

The 3 pictures above were taken at Donington Park by Ian Tompsett.

The car is now in sweden, undergoing restoration

2 thoughts on “999THY

  1. When Roy Morris had it, it received an Alfa Romeo engine, not a Fiat. Or maybe it had a Fiat engine at another stage? Morris also installed a frame of square tubing stretching from the engine mounts back to the rear of car, but that one is now removed without any obvious consequences.


  2. 999THY was purchased new from Bradford-on-Avon by Alfred Pope from Bristol. It was originally painted light blue and equipped with a 1600 cc engine tuned by Ted Martin. Alfred reckons he participated in some 20 races with it and scored some class wins and fastest laps in the 2-litre class. He sold it after the engine had overheated following a failed water pump, but cannot remember to whom.


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